Saturday, June 30, 2012

just some things I have been doing lately...

girl sketch

boy in skates in the downpour. gouache

some quick gouache landscapes of places in Sarasota

lido beach. sunset.

payne park

marina jack

cars outside my apartment 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brave sketches

some sketches of Merida (and bear) from Pixar's Brave. I got the 'art of' book a few days ago and it is just beautiful. what else can I say?
Merida's hair is so fun to draw btw!

IllustrationFriday: Shiny

this has a story (but not a true story): my roommate has a Sheltie and she is quite keen on shiny things. If I were to really sort out all of my change from a piggy bank she would be staring at those coins with the cutest, sweetest, eyes in the world! she is a master begger and one of the most adorable dogs I have ever seen!